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Temporary Orders cover some or all of the following:

Allocation of Parental Rights Regarding the Children – In a Texas order, parents are referred to as “Conservators”. The Texas Family Code provides for the allocation of rights and duties of the conservators regarding the children. The most common allocation involves the conservators sharing rights and duties, access and possession of the children, and support (periodic monetary support and medical support). The presumption is that parents will be Joint Managing Conservators, and will share decision making rights either jointly, independently or exclusively, or some combination thereof.​

Temporary Use and Possession of Property – One party is allocated the temporary exclusive use and possession of the marital residence. The party who relocates generally will take his/her own personal property, clothing, jewelry, etc., and may also take some furnishings.

Temporary Spousal Support – In some instances, one party may need financial assistance from the other party during all or a portion of the duration of the temporary orders. 

Injunctions – An injunction is an order made by a court that requires a person to do, or refrain from doing, a particular act. The parties are jointly and mutually enjoined from any acts of harassment or violence against the other party, and also jointly and mutually enjoined from destroying or hiding any property or evidence or records of any property from the other party. 

Other Divorce Considerations Include But Are Not Limited To: Paternity, Non-Marital Cohabitation, Military Divorce, Family and Domestic Violence, Parental Kidnapping, Child Abuse, Relocation, Characterization of Property, Retirement Plans, Tracing Assets, Business Valuation, Collaborative Family Law, Mediation.


Temporary Orders in Divorce

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